After 13 years in the corporate world I decided that my main aim was to work with and help people to achieve their dreams, goals and to be happy.

This is how I came to the decision of starting Starfish Organisers Ltd. Whether it is assistance at home or work, I help with organisation. Some people use the terms virtual or personal assistant but I like Personal Organiser as I work with you to remove the stresses of home or work life.

All too often people do not follow their dreams as they are worried about how to complete the paperwork – in business, the scary HMRC or at home, feel they have too much to do to spend time on themselves. This is where I can help and relieve people of day to day stresses and worries holding them back.

Whilst working as a Buyer, saving a big company big money I did bookkeeping for small businesses. Over time, this built up as more people who set up their business but avoided the admin work got in contact for me to complete on their behalf. Some even didn’t set up as they thought they would have to do it all themselves and were not sure how.

Unfortunately, I then had 4 close relatives pass away and had to deal with the paperwork and things that had been left behind. Whilst doing this (1 of which was in Spain) friends and family complimented me on how well I help in life changing situations and know what to do next when some couldn’t even think about what needed to happen and when.

This made me specialise in big life changes, it could be a house move, relationship end or bereavement. They are the most difficult times when your head is not in the right place but some things still need to be done. Some things can happen in your own time but people feel better knowing that I can be there to help them when they feel ready.