When life takes an unexpected turn, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with no idea where to start or what to do next.

We specialise in moving home, bereavement and those times when your head is not in the right place to be keeping on top of things – especially paperwork.

From experience we know what to do when and who needs contacting in what order and the most important thing, knowing that you are not on your own and there is help out there to avoid too much stress.

Bereavement                                                          Minimum of 6 hours £195

When you need help most, we work with you ensuring paperwork is in order and completed when it needs to be. We can work with you when you feel ready to sort through things and provide you with the support and information you need at key times.

Divorce or Separation                                        Minimum of 6 hours £195

Whether your decision or not, this is never an easy situation to be in.  We work with you to organise belongings to leave the home and prepare you for the next chapter of your life.

Moving Home                                                       Minimum of 3.5 hours £115

From organising things before you start packing, helping with paperwork ready to move, packing, unpacking, organising your new home to get you off to the best start, we are here for any or every step of one of the most stressful times possible!

A new baby                                                          Minimum of 3.5 hours £115

There’s a lot to do when preparing for a new addition to the home. From organising their own room, having everything you need to hand and preparing your home for having some “time off” we can help you reduce the worry for a big positive change in your life.

For any of the above packages we have an initial phone or Skype conversation to discuss how we can help. We take a £20 deposit to secure a booking and charge milage for any travel over 20 miles from CO10 9EH. We send confirmation via e-mail once booked and a reminder text the day before.

Give us a call or e-mail to find out more at sarah@starfishorganisers.com or 07772 773992