Welcome to the home organisation page.  Whether you are here because someone has recommended us or you’ve found us through googling organisation help, you’re in the right place.

We work with you in your home to get things organised. It’s that simple.  Whether you definitely know where to start and how we can help or you just want to ask more questions, get in touch to have a chat.

If you’re not feeling that your home is a home at the moment we can help.  It might be that you have a huge pile of post and paperwork which needs sorting. Or there’s a room in the house which isn’t used to its full potential causing you to close the door to avoid seeing it.

Whatever it is, we are here to work with you to make your home a sanctuary. This will give you more time to spend with friends and family doing what you enjoy rather than continually tidying or worrying about what needs sorting at home.

Home paperwork organisation                     Minimum of 2 Hours work £60

Paperwork is not the easiest to go through, whether we sit and organise outgoing bills and household budgets or sort through piles of paperwork, we recommend 2 hours as a minimum.

Organising and decluttering                           Minimum of 3 hours £115

Whether it is a kitchen drawer, bookshelf, spare bedroom or garage, we work with you to clear what you consider as clutter to leave you with the home you would like to come back to everyday.

Home projects                                                    Starting from £30 per hour

Need help from tradesman?  Have an unfinished project at home? Walk around the home each day seeing jobs but no time to get them organised?  We can work on your behalf getting quotes for work, overseeing tradesman and ensuring all jobs are finished so your home is a sanctuary.

Wardrobe organisation                                   Minimum 4 hours £150

Look at your clothes everyday not knowing what to wear?  We spend an afternoon with you at least to try everything on, keep what you feel great in, donate what you no longer wear or no longer fits.  We take any bags for charity on your behalf leaving you with an organised closet which works for you everyday.

A whole house                                                    At least a day from £250

We go through room by room with you to organise how you want your house to be, we sort any paperwork or things to make your house organised so everything has a home so you can find what you want when you want.

For any of the above packages we have an initial phone or Skype conversation to discuss how we can help.  We take a £20 deposit to secure a booking and charge milage for any travel over 20 miles from CO10 9EH.  We send confirmation via e-mail once booked and a reminder text the day before.

Give us a call or e-mail to find out more at sarah@starfishorganisers.com or 07772 773992