What is a personal organiser?

My business is split into 2, organising for home and business.  The business side is sort of easier as I explain and sell myself as a virtual assistant which most people have now heard of but then need a little more explanation of what I do.  The home side always requires a little more explaining.

There are still many people who are unaware that personal organisers exist and we do, there is even an Association of us – check out APDO UK to see just how many, where they are and who does it.  In the main we do the same thing – help you get organised but each person is slightly different in what they help with or specialise in.   I’ll leave you to have a google and research the site to see what everyone else does as they will tell you better than me but what I do is below.

Most people get in contact through my website or social media.  From there I arrange to visit them or Skype depending on what they require.  I specialise in moving house and bereavement.  I can help organise things from the kitchen drawer (you know the one!) where you can never find what you’re looking for but it’s always full to a whole house or garage.  I can also help organise the household paperwork including diarising and working with people to ensure they are not over paying for anything.

When I make the initial visit which is normally 30-45minutes we discuss what is needed help with, how long I think it will take or, how long the client wants help for and how much it will cost.  I am not there to judge and have even shared pictures of my house and rooms before and after I organised them – this, in the main has been due to inheriting collections and items following bereavement.  We decide what the end goal is and how the client would like the area to look after I have visited to ensure I can meet expectations.

When I visit which is normally in blocks of 3 hours, I can work longer but normally people feel that this is enough for one day, we make a start on the drawer or room which needs sorting.  Yes, the client has to be there so they can tell me what needs keeping, binning, donating to charity or an “other” pile.  There is always an “other” pile depending on the room, things which belong to someone else, things which need repair……

Just because we are decluttering and organising the room does not mean that we throw everything away, I am not there to turn you into a minimalist, I’m not, and do not expect anyone else to be unless they want to and that is their end goal.  It is going through things quickly and effectively to decide where they should live – if everything has a home you will find it easier next time – remember that drawer??

I specialise in bereavement as going through inheritance or a someone else house is never easy.  I can take an outside view on it without the emotion but having done it 4 times myself over the past year I fully understand what the client is going through and work with them as they need it.  The same as moving house, it is such a big life event that doing it alone or alongside others in the same situation can be a bit too stressful, I work with you to remove that stress.

It is a team effort between myself and the client, it isn’t just for celebrities or the rich, you can have a personal assistant too and that can be me.  You don’t need to tell anyone, you can be that organised person who seems to have every plate spinning perfectly at the same time – we definitely all have too many plates!

So get in touch, by social media, e-mail, text, phone call or quickly complete the below and I’ll call you! Even if you just want more information or advice, I am here to help make your life easier.


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