Getting Organised, easy right?

When someone talks about getting organised, what do you think of?  Planning the next day ahead?  Sorting through THAT spare room?  Packing for a holiday?  Getting the packed lunches done the day before rather than the morning?  Whichever it is when we are a bit more organised and get things done or prepare in advance we feel better about life.

There will always be something which needs doing around the house but you can lessen that list by making your life easier.  Those “chores” you see as you walk around the house or on your to do list if you write one use up energy – negative energy as you think about what you haven’t done, the more there are, the more the list goes on which can end up being quite stressful.

Then there is that feeling. The one when you accomplish that one chore / job which has been on your list for a while.  Mine was a sweep around the house, not cleaning but tidying.  I actually didn’t mind doing it and once I got going I would start tidying random things in detail like the key hooks (which never get touched because no one knows what most of the keys are actually for!)  It is getting started which is the problem though…..I’d randomly start tidying and have to be in the mood, but when is the right mood?  Now I love it and will organise and re-organise things so everything has a place in the house with the most used items closest to hand.

It has taken me a long time but I now realise that my most productive time is in the mornings, I find it difficult to lie in so will happily get up and get going.  Evenings are for relaxing – once I sit down I know I will only get up again to go to bed.  This means that I now plan all my most difficult tasks and chores for first thing in the morning, I can’t prepare the lunches the night before but can get up early to do them before work.

Have a think, what is your most productive time of day?  When it is not a mammoth effort to get things done?  Plan your day around this and you will soon find you get more done off your to do list.

The other option is to ask for help.  I will be the first to admit that I’m not great as asking for help but I will when it’s something I can’t or really do not enjoy doing like cleaning, I have a cleaner because I just do not enjoy it and will procrastinate around it although I obviously prefer a clean house so it is less stress for me to have someone else do it.

This is where organisers are very helpful – whether it is that drawer or key hook or a whole spare room, garage or house! There are people out there to help with the to do list or that pile of things which may be ignored and take your energy up!

Have a look at and see what organisers do and find an organiser to help you! Get that spare room organised and have that feeling of accomplishment.

Organising and decluttering can feel like a new home which then turns that negative energy into positive.